October 20, 2016

Success of the WFM team – 3 Tips to consider!

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With 2017 almost here, it is clear that the workforce planning team has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when the WFM team dictated the ways or guidelines to follow and left the operations suffer the result of their work.

Today, to ensure success, we must develop a culture of cohabitation and foster communication with all departments

In fact, a very close collaboration between the different players in the organization and engaged an executive team, will bring together winning conditions to achieve the targets.

Easy to say, harder to achieve!


1. Get them to know you – Position your WFM functions and goals

2. Clarify your service offering

3. Establish a communication system adapted to each major component of your WFM functions

Get them to know you!

Beyond the purpose of the workforce planning team within the organization, do all the different players involved really know what your function is or what your daily operations or tasks are?

  • Make a marketing campaign. Posters, kiosk, FAQ’s are some of the ways you can promote your services;
  • Organize shadowing sessions open to all (from agents to VP’s). Do it in an organized manner with defined targets, ex: use thematic like real time monitoring;
  • Offer to come to spend a day with Workforce Planning team
  • Organize focus groups with agents / executives. Encourage them to provide topics for these meetings;
  • During your peak periods, offer temporary positions to agents. Once back in their team they can promote your services.

To be known, understanding your WFM role and its challenges are good foundation for opening communication and put in place a teamwork culture within your organization.

Your service offering

The workforce planning service offering includes several components that can have an impact on costs, service quality and employee satisfaction. In addition, the needs and business rules can be very different from one department to another which complicates the delivery of WFM services. It is important to consider the following:

  • Do you have a well-defined service offering with each of your internal customers?
  • Do you have service levels targets?
  • Are the roles and responsibilities well-defined between WFM and Operations?


Is accountability for each key component in place?

Remember to continually revise your services and practices so that they meet your customers’ business needs, which are constantly changing.

Communication means

Communication is a key element to ensure success and that all players are involved in the day to day operations and the results!

An adequate communication plan should share information to target people at a convenient time and with a specific level of detail. Using good communication plans helps minimize the risk of frustration and you make sure they will be read / seen by key people.

Here are examples of communication plans for different WFM functions:

budgeta forecastinga realtimea reporta satisfactiona









































Implementing these 3 tips, brings together the winning conditions for an environment of collaboration between the various players of the organization and help breaks the silos that exist too often.

What gains can you expect:

  • Mobilized teams towards a common goal;
  • An understanding of all actions taken every day;
  • A daily involvement of all key players;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Optimization of the service quality;
  • A collaborative spirit;

In short, establish a culture of collaboration and knowledge of this complex function, that is Workforce planning, will be increased.

A healthy collaboration and proximity will be present in your organization and you will create an environment of trust and for the benefit of your customers. Moreover, by becoming strategic partner for your internal clients, you can better understand their needs (and them better understand your service offering) and allow you to achieve productivity gains of around 5% to 30%.

Remember: When we understand, we join! And that, no matter what our status and titles are.

Own your success and make your WFM department a strategic partner in your organization. Need help? SSA Solutions has over 16 years of experience in workforce planning and we will be pleased to assist you in this process: audit of your practices, training, optimization of your processes, workshop animation with the various internal customers of your organization are examples of services we offer.


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