About SSA

About SSA

About Us

In business since 1994, SSA offers consulting services in operational modelling and workforce management. We assist operational unit managers in controlling complex situations to help them reach quick decisions to achieve their objectives.

Our multidisciplinary team members have honed their skills as consultants, project managers, business process architects, and workforce planning experts. We have extensive expertise in operational management, which enables us to propose effective and viable solutions that generate value-add.

Our clients

Our clients are operational managers looking for the best approaches to quick and optimal decision-making to deal with complex operational issues. They head operational units that offer internal or external customer service such as customer contact centres, administrative services, workforce planning, human resources, marketing, finance, and provisioning.

Our clients are involved in diverse sectors including finance, telecommunications, services, insurance, media, and retail.

Our approach

Recognized for our expertise in operational modelling, we’re able to quickly understand and integrate your operational unit. We work closely with your team members in order to produce solutions. Whether it’s to perform an operational audit, optimize your operational practices and/or support your implementation process, our interventions are adapted to your needs and in line with your organization’s values.

Efficiency, relevance, results, and innovation are the values that inspire us.