Mastering Aspect or IEX Workforce Management Solutions

Our Expert Level workforce management training goes beyond learning how to use the software. By the end of the training session, you will have a better understanding of the principles of success, the fundamentals of the workforce management cycle and understand the relationship between the different stages of the process, all based on proven best business practises.


To gain knowledge and a deep understanding of workforce management concepts and best practices

  • Define terms specific to workforce management
  • Understand the different challenges and critical steps within workforce management
  • Understand the principles of workforce management and its diverse functions

Target Audience

  • Service Managers and workforce management professionals, such as analysts, analyst consultants and schedulers/planners
  • Operational unit managers who use Aspect or IEX software in their functions and need to better understand the workforce management process


  • 2 days

Cost – 2 types of courses

  • General audience training $850 for the 2 day course, per person, plus taxes
  • Company Training $1,500 per day, for a maximum group of 4 people, plus taxes