Business processes

Business processes are the cornerstones of your business. They have a direct impact on service quality and efficiency. Managing processes is an effective way to identify areas for improvement and deploy efforts on activities that add value. The whole range of activities of a company can be mapped out in processes. It’s like taking a picture of the current situation. Once the processes are mapped out, gaps are identified and solutions are provided.

Our approach is based on industry best practices and our business process architects help you identify gaps and potential solutions. As well, they draw on their extensive experience in the field to guide your teams during the implementation and improvement of your business processes.

The key steps of a process optimization
approach include:

  • Observing employees in the field and conducting interviews
  • Mapping out business processes
  • Analyzing and identifying gaps in connection with the objectives to achieve
  • Identifying improvements and solutions
  • Defining control points
  • Mapping out optimized business processes
  • Implementing optimized business processes

Mandates that required mapping out and optimizing
business processes:

  • Optimizing processes through time and movement analysis
  • Improving customer experience by mapping out client access to a customer service business unit
  • Optimizing the assignment of roles and responsibilities by documenting processes to identify redundancies and potential alignments
  • Optimizing budgetary control by documenting key processes that have a financial impact
  • Mapping out processes and identifying control points in order to conform with compliance regulations
  • Mapping out the payroll process to improve employee satisfaction
  • Mapping out processes to facilitate the development of IT tools


Louise Lanoie - Director

Administration and Fraud Prevention – Desjardins Card Services

“ Effective and attentive to our needs: these accurately define the SSA team. Its members have carried out several mandates within my department, including the streamlining of operational processes, which allowed us to obtain a detailed picture of our operational activities and to outline issues, potential improvements, and controls to be introduced. [...] ”
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Marie-Huguette Cormier - Executive Vice-President Communications

Desjardins Group

“ As our company went through an important change in leadership, SSA team helped us reorganize the workload of our administration team. Their approach was highly professional, with much respect and empathy. As a result, we now have a clearer focus and our processes are more efficient. They really know how to optimize a team's potential. [...] ”
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