Human Capital

As part of our services, we take into account all of the resources involved, as well as the major issues you are faced with, when:

  • Recruiting for a key position on your team to find the perfect fit
  • Working together on change management projects with your teams
  • Leading team-building workshops
  • Coaching managers to develop specific skills
  • Your resources are the key to your success and our mission is to help you rise to the challenge and fully achieve your business objectives.

Clients have called on us to address various situations, including:

Executive search

Filling positions that require the skills of a specialized headhunter to attract key players in the market.


Helping your managers develop competencies and interpersonal skills, lead management teams, and overcome isolation.

Team-building workshops

Working on key aspects with team members through specific workshops :


  • Success depends largely on our ability to understand the motivations that influence our behaviour and that of others. The Enneagram workshop provides an overview of the personality types, as well as a method to help you better understand yourself, as well as the people around you—your team. The Enneagram serves as the basis to develop emotional intelligence. It is a quest with a high value-add to achieve success at the personal, team and organizational levels.

Stage of development of a team

  • The workshop aims to rebuild the team foundation and ensure that each team member clearly understands his/her own vision of the world and the team. This helps determine the team’s stage of development so that it can progress towards a higher level of performance.

Business acumen

  • Bringing together junior managers to sharpen their business acumen and give them “a common vision of business acumen basics and reflect on its importance in their professional lives”.


Julie Gauthier - Director, Client Care Centre

AccèsD Division, Personal Services - Desjardins Group

“ When I think about SSA, the words that come to mind are creativity, flexibility, and attention to client needs and expectations [...] ”
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