Operational modelling

Operational modelling

We’re experts in operational modelling

We design your current or future operational model to help you understand and control complex situations, as well as make choices to achieve the desired results.

A current operational model gives you a high-level overview of your operational unit’s global functions and resource interactions (human resources, processes, tools, objectives or service offer) with your clients and suppliers. By using operational modelling, your managers can zoom in and drill down into the details, enabling them to control the impacts of various decision-making scenarios.

Controlling your current operational model means you also efficiently manage change—an indispensable approach to today’s business challenges.

Perhaps a major reorganization of your operational model is necessary. Our experts can help you design your optimal model, as well as the implementation process, to ensure a smooth transition between your current and future operational model. Understanding where you come from and where you’re going is the key to the success of your transformation or reorganization project.

Contexts calling for operational modelling

  • Improving team performance, or customer or employee satisfaction
  • Merging, integrating, or restructuring an operational unit
  • Expanding operational activities
  • Diversifying services, practices, etc.

Many factors may impact team performance. Are your key performance indicators in line with your team’s responsibilities? Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined and communicated? Are your processes and tools in line with your organization’s needs? Are your employees engaged? In short, team performance depends on many components that must evolve at the same pace as the organization. We can help you control your current situation so that you can implement solutions to improve your team’s performance.

Various situations lead organizations to make changes within their operational units. Acquisitions, mergers, cost reductions or downsizing—these changes require a reorganization that will have a major impact on your operational model. Do you have the right resources doing the right job? Should you realign your operational practices, processes, or service offer? Are your plans documented, seamless, and shared across your organization to bring about change and ensure the success of your reorganization? Our experts in operational modelling can help you identify your needs and issues to better design your future operational model and manage change—a key factor of success.

Do you have any questions? Does your operational model need to evolve? Do you want an unbiased opinion? Do you need temporary resources to help you implement your new operational model? Our team can guide you through the strategic thinking and implementation of your new operational model.

Operational modelling based on the four pillars of operational management

Operational modelling helps develop solutions that focus on the key components of operational management:

1. Service offer
  • Services offered by the operational unit
  • Service standards
  • Clientele
  • Channels
2. Human resources
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Key performance indicators
  • Management practices
3. Process
  • Process modelling
  • Checkpoint documentation
4. Tools
  • Consulting – Management tools (dashboards)
  • Consulting and support – Workforce planning tools
  • Consulting – Call monitoring tools
  • Consulting – IVR – Portal
  • Consulting – Management database


Whatever your needs—improving team performance; increasing customer or employee satisfaction; diversifying the service offer; expanding activities—operational modelling enables you to:

  • Get the big picture of your operational unit’s ecosystem and perform an audit;
  • Produce solutions that take into account the key components of operational management;
  • Optimize your ways of doing things to achieve your business objectives.

Who can benefit from operational modelling

Our clients are operational managers dealing with complex issues, compounded by ever-increasing contextual changes, and looking for the best approaches to quick and optimal decision-making.

SSA can help you if you manage teams who provide internal or external customer service such as:

Customer contact centres

  • Help desk
  • Collection
  • Sales and/or after-sales service
  • Administrative services
  • Workforce management

Human resources

  • Staffing and compensation; labour relations


  • Internal or external campaigns


  • Payroll and/or budgeting


  • Material or physical resources

Three types of interventions

We offer three types of interventions based on your needs:

  1. Consulting
    • Assignment of an expert or team to carry out a mandate
      • Operational expert
      • Project management specialist
  2. Coaching
    • Assignment of an expert who supports one or several of your resources to achieve deliverables while developing skills
  3. Operational
    • Assignment of a temporary resource as part of a team in charge of achieving deliverables under your supervision.


Marco Desbiens - Director

Business Analysis, Customer Contact Centre Support – Telus Team Member

“ SSA experts effectively supported our team to facilitate the prompt delivery of our project [...] ”
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Philippe Lagacé - Senior Director of Marketing

Product Development and Sales - RONA Inc.

“ I'm impressed by SSA because they can rapidly intervene without compromising on the quality [...] ”
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Marie-Huguette Cormier - Executive Vice-President Communications

Desjardins Group

“ As our company went through an important change in leadership, SSA team helped us reorganize the workload of our administration team [...] ”
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Alain Labrie, C.A. - Director

Accounting Services,
Business Technology and Shared Services – Desjardins Group

“ SSA experts are real partners during their interventions as they guide our teams towards the completion of a project according to accepted practice [...] ”
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Karine Bolduc, CMA

Director Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Desjardins Group Compliance Division

“ The experience of SSA resources allowed us to have insight on practices in other industries. Their capacity to adapt has proven to be an asset since their intervention took place in a period of great change which required adjustments in their approach in order to successfully achieve the project. [...] ”
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Louise Lanoie - Director

Administration and Fraud Prevention – Desjardins Card Services

“ Effective and attentive to our needs: these accurately define the SSA team. Its members have carried out several mandates within my department, including the streamlining of operational processes, which allowed us to obtain a detailed picture of our operational activities and to outline issues, potential improvements, and controls to be introduced. [...] ”
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