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Founded in 1994, SSA Solutions brings together highly qualified professionals offering concrete solutions, adapted to meet your business requirements.

Our consultants, project managers, business analysts and workforce management trainers are recognized for their personalized approach and methodologies used that aim to balance quality with efficiency, in an effort to enhance the customer experience.

Senior team

» Isabelle Côté – President and CEO

Having served as Director of customer service and operations support for large companies, Isabelle has vast and multidisciplinary experience within the telecommunications industry.Isabelle ensures that our clients who rely on our unique expertise – managers and operational customer service unit heads –- receive value-added services adapted to their needs, providing them piece of mind solutions and sustainable long-term benefits.Isabelle is backed by her talented team of solution experts who have a profound understanding of operational complexities and value the customer experience. Together, they provide quick and optimal solutions that deliver memorable customer experiences – a key company differentiator. When delivering optimal, customer-driven solutions and in every situation, Isabelle’s main goal is to provide clients with the highest level of competency so that each client maximizes their investment.

To communicate with Isabelle Côté: cotei@ssasolutions.com linkedin-icon

» Johanne Blais – Senior Director, Consulting Services

Johanne BlaisJohanne has extensive experience as a Support operational manager and in contact center operations, gained from diverse and varied industries.Johanne has the unique ability to quickly understand customer challenges and uncover potential opportunities. Johanne applies creative, value-added methodologies that not only respond to the customer’s needs, but also address their unique requirements. Johanne works with key team members affected by change in order to identify concrete and sustainable solutions.To communicate with Johanne Blais: blaisj@ssasolutions.com linkedin-icon

» Natalie Francoeur – Manager, Customer Experience

Natalie FrancoeurNatalie is a quality and operations senior manager, perfectly bilingual, who has solid experience not only on technical practice implementation, but also on managing new, effective and cutting-edge service restructuring, as she has successfully taken the challenge many times for several different types of contact centers.

Natalie knows how to motivate people who work around her to take ownership when it comes down to the business’s goals in customer relations.  Highly respected and appreciated as a people manager, she has a great ability in conveying to higher managers, executives and other departments what the teams’ needs are, while remaining focused on attaining their ambitious objectives above all.

To communicate with Natalie Francoeur: francoeurn@ssasolutions.com


» David Benjaafar– Senior Consultant, Workforce Management

David Benjaafar

David is a bilingual expert in workforce management, with over 10 years of experience working for several call centers such as National Bank, Videotron, Computershare and Intact.  These experiences gave him valuable insights and sharpened important skills, such as project management, workforce management software implementation and their optimal use once in place.

In combining his expertise with his vision and initiatives, he can target the key areas of improvement and propose actions toward optimized practice in different types of contact centers from different industry sectors.

Loving to undertake new challenges, he aims at exceeding the clients/partners/colleagues expectations by maximizing the return on investment with his initiatives.  He does not hesitate to raise questions on current standards when needed in order to find improvement opportunities, a key element for SSA clients to reach the highest results in workforce management, offering as a result the best customer and employee experience.

To communicate with David Benjaafar : benjaafard@ssasolutions.com.



» Caroline Mbanga – Senior Consultant, Workforce Management

Caroline MbangaCaroline has extensive experience as an expert and manager in workforce planning, acquired over the last twenty years within large companies in various fields of activities such as telecommunications, services and outsourcing.

Her interest in everything related to the optimization in workforce planning, has led her to discover her passion for all the latest trends in workforce management and the impact on the customer experience.

Her experience with tools such as Aspect, IEX and Interactive Optimizer enhances the expertise of the team, to the benefit of customers.

To communicate with Caroline Mbanga : mbangac@ssasolutions.com.



» Karina Bapniah – Consultant Workforce Management

Karina photo

Karina is an expert in workforce planning for the past 10 years in major companies, providing our clients with a specialized approach tailored to their needs.

With a good analytical mind, and an excellent ability to adapt, Karina can easily identify customer needs and articulate optimization solutions very quickly, to the benefit of our customers.

The quality and rigor of the projects demonstrates her passion for workforce Management, and the willingness to work with clients to enable them to optimize this vital part of their organization.

To communicate with Karina Bapniah: bapniahk@ssasolutions.com