Situations that lead organizations to call on us are varied

In today’s highly competitive landscape where the ability to deliver a positive customer experience is a key differentiator, we help optimize the management and delivery of services to your clients at each stage of the customer journey.  We contribute to the success of teams that interact with internal and external customers, from businesses (B2B) to consumers (B2C) to (G2C) citizens.

Using our proven methodology, we can help:

  • Reduce costs and/or non-quality services based on Six Sigma methodology;
  • Deliver a differentiation component on the customer experience based on customer journey mapping;

Customer Experience Optimization

We help you use the power of customer experience to optimize the management and delivery of products and services you offer. Whether internal and external customers, businesses (B2B), consumers (B2C) or (G2C) citizens, we support you in implementing practices that will set you apart from the competition.  We help you optimize the allocation of financial resources, mobilize your teams and achieve better performance.

  • We identify and analyze the portrait of your actual service delivery to enable you to have a shared understanding of what needs to be improved;
  • We identify the issues related to the needs of your customers and your operational units to raise the impact and define the associated improvement targets;
  • Together with your team and considering market practices, we identify opportunities to improve the customer experience in order to differentiate yourself;
  • We support you in identifying, prioritizing and implementing solutions based on issues and targeted optimization needs

Our approach will allow you to quickly achieve small victories and implement practical solutions. You will appreciate the experience of our experts and their knowledge of best practices in customer satisfaction and process improvement.

Projects examples:

  • Customer journey mapping;
  • Customer alignment with a customer momentum;
  • Diagnostic and optimization of the customer service delivery;
  • Corporate diagnosis during the business sale (Staging Business) – Partner with Via Relève

Customer Experience support and training

Our team will support you in achieving your projects both in terms of creation and implementation. Our experts have experience in project management and can support you in the development and implementation of your initiatives on all of the following aspects: change management, training and communication.

  • We create quality programs tailored to your needs to develop your resources by providing tools that will allow them to meet you’re customers’ needs.
  • We design dashboards and KPI (key performance indicators) that will allow you to prioritize key elements and help you stand out from the competition.
  • We train all level of employees according to advanced training methods used in adult education
  • Our interventions are based on the industry best practices

Our involvement in your projects allows you to continue your daily tasks while working on promising projects that will impact the success of your organization.

Project examples:

  • Creation and implementation of an assurance quality program to ensure service delivery
  • Customer satisfaction survey and evaluation programs
  • Customer experience training and conferences
  • Development and implementation of dashboards
  • Support and coaching for operational managers
  • Assistance with technology implementation (CRM, IVR, telephony applications, contact channels, self-service, etc.)

Workforce Management Training

Our team of trainers are certified by leading Workforce Management software providers. We provide expert training for the following solutions:

  • Aspect Workforce Management
  • NICE IEX Workforce Management
  • Interactive Intelligence Interaction Optimizer

Based on your needs, we offer standard or customized training solutions that meet your unique requirements.

We also offer Expert Level training to help you completely master workforce management. View more »

Workforce Management Solutions

The Workforce Management industry is in constant evolution. Our experts will guide and assist you throughout the process, maximizing your workforce management investment.

  • Evaluation of an appropriate workforce management solution
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Optimal usage of the solution

Our technical support experts help to quickly resolve problems and issues you experience:

  • We offer support services focused on prevention and knowledge transfer
  • As skilled problem-solvers, we continuously search for solutions and alternate solutions
  • We will manage solution provider escalations, so that you can focus on your core operations
  • We offer bilingual support